Examples of Repairs

Violin scroll graft

Violin peghole cracks

Violin pegbox damage

Violin neck graft

Violin neck base grafts, etc.

Violin rib replacement

Violin top halfedged

Violin split top

Violin top soundpost patch, etc.

Violin back soundpost patch

Violin back soundpost patch

Violin top crush near edge

Violin edge graft

Cello edge graft

Cello bassbar crack

Unnecessary cello top soundpost patch

Cello top crush near edge

Bow head splined

Bow tip plate & grip

Bow frog graft

Part of the beauty of the violin is that it was designed to be assembled with hide glue. The use of hide glue means that the instrument is repairable. Hide glue has been used for thousands of years and it is still the best glue for violins. When dry it is harder than steel yet it remains completely soluble in warm water. It's not as easy to use as synthetic glues, but the results are superior. Synthetic glues are not reversible. I fear that many stringed instruments will be lost due to the use of synthetics, especially superglue. Don't be tempted to try to repair your own instrument with superglue. It's not worth it.


R DeBey 4-29-10