Wooden Violin Tailpieces with Wittner Ultra Adjusters

I think the Wittner Ultra composite tailpieces are the best new development in violin fittings in many years.   The adjusters have a wide range of adjustment at a weight comparable to a wooden tailpiece with a single metal adjuster.   Many people prefer wood, however, so I developed a way to put the Wittner Ultra adjustment mechanism into a wooden tailpiece.   I shape my tailpieces by hand from solid blocks, then machine openings for the adjusters.

Ebony violin tailpieces, French or tulip-style, are $150 plus shipping.

African Blackwood and Pernambuco violin tailpieces are $180 plus shipping.

The ebony 5-string violin tailpiece is $200 plus shipping.

ebony tulip

ebony french

blackwood tulip

pernambuco french

ebony 5-string


R DeBey 5-7-05

Updated 5-13-09